Thursday, April 28, 2016

Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Compliance

They are livestreaming the keynote from the Information Literacy Summit on 29 April 2016 (at 9.30am US Central time, which is 3.30pm UK time). Emily Drabinski (Associate Professor and Coordinator of Library Instruction, Long Island University, Brooklyn) is talking on Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Compliance. The web address is
The IL Summit is hosted by Moraine Valley Community College Library and DePaul University Libraries. The abstract is "The promise of critical pedagogy lies in its capacity to change lives–our own and those of our students–as we try new ways of thinking and teaching that challenge systems of power that privilege some and not others. In the last ten years, critical pedagogy has moved from the margins to the center, most clearly in its influence on the new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Frames like Information has Value and Authority is Constructed have long been tenets of critical voices in the field, voices that can now be heard emanating from the center of our professional lives. And yet, critical approaches to teaching and learning face acute challenges from a higher education environment that increasingly values teaching and learning by the numbers, tying everything from accreditation to book budgets to quantifiable outcomes. In this talk, Emily Drabinski will explore these tensions and offer thoughts on how we can change the world while keeping our jobs."
Photo by Sheila Webber: Shadows under the table, April 2016

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