Friday, May 20, 2016

Using the Framework to Foster Conversations about Information Literacy Instruction

On 31 May at 1pm US Eastern time (which is 6pm UK time) ACRL Instruction Section’s Management and Leadership Committee presents its final Spring online seminar: Using the Framework to Foster Conversations about Information Literacy Instruction. It is led by Sara D. Miller and Amanda Nichols Hess and registration is here "A key strength of the ACRL Framework lies in the potential that its concepts
provide for unearthing tacit assumptions in the process of developing expertise in disciplinary information literacy. The paths from IL novice to expert within in a discipline tend to be murky and filled with assumptions
about concepts, skills, and values unique to disciplinary cultures which "should have been learned” somewhere along the way. It is key for librarians in teaching positions to partner with disciplinary faculty in identifying and addressing critical issues of a discipline’s conventions and ways of constructing knowledge and to intentionally engage students with these questions. This presentation will discuss an ACRL Framework-based workshop designed for librarians and disciplinary faculty to come together to examine and discuss what information literacy looks like from a position of disciplinary expertise. Three goals of the workshop are to help facilitate conversations between librarians and disciplinary faculty, to understand specifically what is meant by information literacy within disciplines, and to identify areas of potential focus for IL instruction."
Photo by Sheila Webber: cherry branch, Limpsfield Churchyard, April 2007

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