Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recent articles: evaluations; assignments; information-seeking; faculty status; learning analytics

The latest issue (volume 42, no. 4) of The Journal of Academic Librarianship (priced publication) includes:
- Information Literacy Training Evaluation: The Case of First Year Psychology Students by Tina Kavšek, Cirila Peklaj, Urška Žugelj
- The Preparation of Academic Librarians Who Provide Instruction: A Comparison of First and - Second Career Librarians by Jacalyn E. Bryan
- How Do Students Get Help with Research Assignments? Using Drawings to Understand Students' Help Seeking Behavior by Molly Beisler, Ann Medaille
- Come Fly with Me: Screencasts with Zooming Fly-in-style Highlights by John T. Oliver
- Social Capital as Operative in Liaison Librarianship: Librarian Participants' Experiences of Faculty Engagement as Academic Library Liaisons by Tim Schlak
- Factors that Influence Undergraduate Information-seeking Behavior and Opportunities for Student Success by Sloan Komissarov, James Murray
- Use It or Lose It? A Longitudinal Performance Assessment of Undergraduate Business Students' Information Literacy by Ilana R. Stonebraker, Rachel Fundator
- Practicing Critical Evaluation of Online Sources Improves Student Search Behavior by Chris Leeder, Chirag Shah
- Beyond Competencies: Naming Librarians' Capacity for Research by Selinda A. Berg, Michelle Banks
- Getting Ready & Getting Started: Academic Librarian Involvement in Institutional Learning Analytics Initiatives by Megan Oakleaf
- Different, but More Similar Now: Faculty Status by John Buschman
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