Thursday, November 19, 2020

Webinar: Privacy Literacy Reboot: Grounding Practice in Theory

On December 4 2020, at 2pm US Eastern time, which is 7pm UK time, there is a virtual panel discussion: Privacy Literacy Reboot: Grounding Practice in Theory. It is moderated by Alexandria Chisholm and Sarah Hartman-Caverly (Pennsylvania State University) with panelists Symphony Bruce (American University), Claire Lobdell (Greenfield Community College), and Andrew Wesolek (Vanderbilt University). 

"With growing social justice issues related to algorithmic bias and the disparate impact of surveillance, it is more important than ever for librarians to assume leadership in advocating for and educating about privacy literacy (PL). Participants will gain working knowledge of contemporary privacy challenges and solutions to build professional self-efficacy, access the moderators’ PL toolkit featuring resources to develop future PL programming, and leave inspired to lead PL education and advocacy initiatives." 

Register at Discussion questions and background reading at one of the readings is - Hartman-Caverly, S., & Chisholm, A. (2020). Privacy literacy instruction practices in academic libraries: Past, present, and possibilities. IFLA Journal. open access

Photo by Sheila Webber: winter branches, with birds, November 2020

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