Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Call for proposals: ASIS&T @siguse Symposium: The Evolving Nature of the Human Side of Information Research

Photo by Sheila Webber: Botanical Gardens May 2023
There is a call for proposals for the 2023 ASIS&T SIG-USE Symposium: The Evolving Nature of the Human Side of Information Research which will be a proced online event 7 October 2023, held 09.00-12.00 US Eastern time (which is, e.g., 14.00-17.00 UK time). The deadline is 15 July 2023.
"As technology and society continue to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the human aspects of information research - human information practice, innovative approaches, and interaction and ethical challenges. It will consist of panel discussions, extended abstract presentations, breakout group discussion sessions, short lightning talks, and Awards presentations. It is intended for students, faculty, researchers, and information professionals who are interested in information behavior and practices research and in the translation of findings from this research area into professional practice."
Topics include: Human Information Practices; Innovation and Change; Interaction and Ethical Challenges Submission Categories for "completed research and research-in-progress, and that showcase empirical, conceptual, theoretical, and methodological findings or rich practice cases and demonstrations" are extended abstracts (1,000-2,000 words) or lightning talk abstracts (500 words)
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Botanical Gardens, May 2023

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