Wednesday, February 02, 2011

iCritical Thinking test

I don't think I have blogged the fact that the name of the test produced, sold and administered by the (US) Educational testing Service (ETS) is now called iCritical Thinking. This was formerly called iskills, and before that was called the ICT Literacy test (I think the content has also changed a bit each time). It incorporates aspects of information literacy. To quote their website "An outcomes-based assessment, the iCritical Thinking Certification measures applied ICT literacy skills through a range of real-world tasks." "features real-time, scenario-based tasks that measure an individual's ability to navigate, critically evaluate and understand the wealth of information available through digital technology" "is endorsed by the Global Digital Literacy Council (GDLC) and aligned with the nationally recognized Association of Colleges & Research Libraries (ACRL) standards"
Photo by Christopher Webber: me near Conwy, September 2011


Sheila Webber said...

Thanks to Eva for pointing out that I meant September *2010*, in the photo

Cristóbal Pasadas said...

Hi, Sheila: thanks for this post. One important reason why we should be aware of this lies in that they (ETS) might be somehow involved in the development and application of AHELO (Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes)(,3746,en_2649_35961291_40624662_1_1_1_1,00.html).
I think this is worth our attention as IL practitioners, AHELO being developped as a kind of PISA for HE. ¿Do you have some information to share on this AHELO move?

Cristobal Pasadas

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the iCritical Thinking test used in any published research?