Wednesday, July 01, 2020

LIRT top twenty articles

The latest issue of LIRT [Library Instruction Round Table] News has the annual LIRT list of their "top 20 articles" (published in 2019) on teaching information literacy. As usual, there is a bias towards North American articles, but it is still an interesting list to dip into. An attractive feature is the provision of an informative abstract for each item (not just a copy of what was in the original article). The issue is at and the Top 20 list starts on page 9.

Quite a few of the articles are not open access and I have listed a number of them on this blog already. One which I have missed previously is:
Douglas, V. A., & Gadsby, J. (2019, July 10). All carrots, no sticks: Relational practice and library instruction coordination. In the Library with the Lead Pipe.
Photo by Sheila Webber: vase of peonies, June 2020

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