Friday, July 10, 2020

New articles: News credibility; Students preferred text format; Academic websites' information for those with disabilities

Articles from the latest issue (vol 81 no 5) of open access College and Research Libraries includes:
- News Credibility: Adapting and Testing a Source Evaluation Assessment in Journalism by Piotr S. Bobkowski, Karna Younger "This paper discusses the development of a source evaluation assessment, and presents the results of using this instrument in a one-semester information literacy course for journalism students."
- Beyond the Surveys: Qualitative Analysis from the Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS) by Diane Mizrachi, Alicia M. Salaz "The Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS) collected data from more than 21,000 university students in 33 countries regarding their reading format (print or electronic) preferences and behaviors when engaging with academic texts during a three-year period. Quantitative analysis shows a consistent preference for print reading among most students worldwide. This paper presents new findings from our qualitative analysis of students’ survey comments"
- “Without That Detail, I’m Not Coming”: The Perspectives of Students with Disabilities on Accessibility Information Provided on Academic Library Websites by Amelia Brunskill
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