Thursday, January 07, 2021

New collection of Age-friendly images #AFMIL @Ageing_Better

The Centre for Ageing Better has created a small library of freely-usable (under CC) photos which show more realistic and positive images of older people. Avoiding ageist stereotyping in images of older people is one of the aspects of Age-Friendly Media and Information Literacy #AFMIL that Bill Johnston and I have identified. As the Centre for Ageing Better notes "images of wrinkly hands clasped together in consternation is an all too common sight" and they also urge people to avoid images that emphasise frailty "sad eyes, beige sofas etc.". (This is what you get, for example, if you search "elderly" on Unsplash .... 

This is a good project that hopefully will be added to (e.g. I'd find it useful to have more pictures of older people using online devices). There is information at, the library is at and they have a short guide to creating age-positive images 

Thanks to Pam McKinney for drawing this to my attention

Photo by P. Kindersley used under a CCO attribution no-derivatives license downloaded from the Centre for Ageing Better library at

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