Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Recent articles: tutorials, curriculum mapping; AR game; conspiracy theories; transition; design for serendipity; COVID response

The latest issue of the Journal of Academic Librarianship (Volume 47 issue 1) includes (priced publication - though note a couple of articles, marked below, are open access) : 

- Redesigning an online information literacy tutorial for first-year undergraduate instruction by Kimberly Y. Franklin, Kendall Faulkner, Tiffanie Ford-Baxter, Sheree Fu (open access)
- Practicing information literacy: Practicum students negotiating information practice in workplace settings by Sara Sharun
- Using curriculum mapping to scaffold and equitably distribute information literacy instruction for graduate professional studies programs
by Ladislava Khailova
- Comparative analysis of academic scientists, social scientists and humanists' scholarly information seeking habits
by Alia Arshad, Kanwal Ameen
- Scaffolded research assignment analysis for a required first year course
by Jennifer Saulnier, Corey M. Johnson, Kathleen Whalen
- Help first-year college students to learn their library through an augmented reality game
by Yingqi Tang
- A call to action for librarians: Countering conspiracy theories in the age of QAnon
by Stephanie Beene, Katie Greer
- The higher education environment driving academic library strategy: A political, economic, social and technological (PEST) analysis
by John Cox (open access)
- Successes, challenges, and next steps in implementing outcome-based assessment: The case of Istanbul Bilgi University Library
by Fatma Didin Sonmez, Sami Cuhadar, Mustafa Kerem Kahvecioglu
- Improv(is)ing research: Instructional design for serendipity in archival exploration
by Jason Ezell, Lucy
- Uncovering the information literacy skills of first-generation and provisionally admitted students
by Stephanie J. Graves, Sarah LeMire, Kathy Christie Anders
- Transitioning to college: Impact of high school librarians
by Lesley S.J. Farmer, Skyler Phamle (open access)
- University libraries response to COVID-19 pandemic: A developing country perspective by Muhammad Rafiq, Syeda Hina Batool, Amna Farzand Ali, Midrar Ullah 

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