Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Call for chapter proposals: Instructional Identities and Information Literacy

There is a call for chapter proposals for Instructional Identities and Information Literacy: Transforming Our Profession, Our Institutions, Our Programs, and Ourselves, a forthcoming book to be published by ACRL. The deadline for proposals is 31 March 2021. This "seeks to emphasize real-world examples from an array of librarians to explore how teaching-centric perspective transformation can happen in diverse environments, for librarians with diverse needs, around diverse instructional issues (e.g. teaching with technology, considering critical pedagogy, integrating the Framework into instruction, finding nexus with other literacies). In this book, we’ll use transformative learning theory, and the diverse ways to consider this approach to adult learning, to more fully explore how these ideas may be put into action for libraries and librarians looking to reconsider their instructional identities and teaching practices." The proposed sections are: 

"- Instructional Identities: Have you had personal experience in exploring, critically reflecting on, and/or redefining your own identity as an educator in the wake of social, political, or cultural events? Did you lead or engage in a shared professional learning opportunity for a group of librarians (journal clubs, learning communities, etc.) that focused on transforming or reshaping teaching identities?

"- Program Identities: Has your library unit worked in systematic, intentional ways to reshape how your library offers information literacy instruction? How has transformation played a role in such work? 

"- Institutional Identities: Have you and your colleagues spearheaded efforts to connect information literacy instruction to student success initiatives, high-impact practices, or other institution-wide efforts? Have you had a strong voice on your campus in redefining information literacy broadly or for specific disciplines, especially since the release of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education? 

"- Professional Identities: Do you have a distinct perspective on how we, in librarianship, might transform our instructional work to be more anti-racist, inclusive, or critical?"

More details at https://sites.google.com/oakland.edu/instructional-identities

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