Friday, January 15, 2021

Webinar: Open and Inclusive Pedagogies from and Beyond Your Living Room

A limited number (300) can register for the free ACRL online webinar SLILC Midwinter Virtual Discussion: Open and Inclusive Pedagogies from and Beyond Your Living Room, on February 10 2021, at 3-4pm CST (which is, e.g., 9pm-10pm UK time)

"Facing the challenges of a global pandemic and confronting the harsh realities of racial and social injustice over this past year, teaching librarians have become increasingly attuned to the value of open and inclusive pedagogies. This is reflected in growing conversations about open educational practices (OEP), which extend beyond the mere use of open educational resources to include “collaborative, pedagogical practices employing social and participatory technologies for interaction, peer-learning, knowledge creation and sharing, and empowerment of learners” (see Catherine Cronin & Iain MacLaren’s “Conceptualizing OEP”). Open educational practices are intended to remove barriers to meaningful learning and to invite students to be active agents in their learning. This “Ask the Room” discussion-based event will be an opportunity for fellow librarians to share opportunities, challenges, and questions related to open educational practices in their everyday work now and in the foreseeable future. The event organizers (the ACRL SLILC Committee Open Educational Practices team) will use participants’ ideas and feedback to inform future professional development offerings and resources. " All are welcome. No ALA membership or conference registration required.

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Photo by Sheila Webber: ex-Xmas trees of South London, January 2021

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