Friday, January 18, 2008

Assessment of information literacy

A discussion on Assessment of information literacy took place in Second Life, the virtual world on 17th January 2008. It was led by Maggie Kohime (Lyn Parker in real life, a librarian here at Sheffield University). It was held, as usual with these discussions, on Infolit iSchool. Maggie/Lyn posed a number of questions for discussion, such as: What forms of assessment of information literacy are you using with your students? Would you recommend any in particular? How does the learning approach adopted impact on the assessment technique used? For example: Inquiry Based learning, problem based learning. Has anyone measured the impact of different assessment techniques on student learning? Know of any work done on this? How do you ensure that all aspects of information literacy are covered within a programme? There were 8 of us in the discussion forum, from the UK and North America.

The full transcript of the discussion is here: The discussion was part of the Centre for Information Literacy Research discussion series.

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