Thursday, April 03, 2008

Web 2.0 and information literacy

I'm up in Glasgow at Strathclyde University doing some external examiner work (their Business School's Management Development Programme) and working with students on the Information and Library Studies course. (Photo is of the Ramshorn church, used by the university as a theatre). I am leading a session on Web 2.0 and information literacy and here are some starting points I put on the handout (many of which have already appeared on the blog, but not all)
Weblogs: I gave a presentation about blog use in libraries in December 2006: the pdf of the presentation is here:
Podcasts: An example of a set of information literacy podcasts (produced by Cardiff University Library in liaison with the student radio) is at (3rd mention for this! ;-)
Wikis: This article talks about use of a wiki:
Franklin, G. (2007) “Wiki anyone? Reflections on an information literacy class wiki” Journal of information literacy, 1 (3)
Another example is: BBC. (2007) "Students assessed with Wikipedia." BBC News, 6 March.
Social networking sites: Elyssa Kroski has done a series of Top ten Facebook applications for librarians: at , and
There is a useful report as background reading & general advice to librarians, although, again, not specifically for information literacy:
Secker, J. (2008) Case Study 5:Libraries and Facebook. London: London School of Economics and Political Science.

Readings and browsings
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Godwin, P. and Parker, J. (eds) (2008) Information Literacy meets Library 2.0. London: Facet.
Godwin, P. et al (2008) Information Literacy meets Library 2.0. Blog which takes over from Peter’s former blog at (latter still worth a look, I will be blogging at the former now and then)
McKiernan, G. (2008) Friends:Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services.
Tangient Llc. (2008) Informationfluency. (“Web 2.0 meets information fluency”)

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