Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was just searching Delicious (the social bookmarking website) and was noting again that because you can't tag phrases as phrases, information literacy comes up in various guises e.g.
popular/information_literacy (that's actually the same tag as the previous one, but a different display)

A recent bookmark I happened to notice was: Millennial Students’ Mental Models of Search Tools, a poster presented at the ACRL conference 2009 by Lucy Holman, University of Baltimore, USA. This reports on a survey/observation of a small sample of students.
I don't have my own delicious page, by the way, as I tend to use this blog for my information literacy bookmarking (you can of course search the blog using the box in the top left of the home page, and I have been using tags for a couple of years, although I haven't yet put the tag list on the home page).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Daffodils (and the odd beer can) outside the star and Garter pub, Sheffield, March 2009.


Judy O'Connell said...

Hi Sheila, it's interesting to me that you don't use Delicious, or that you don't provide a tag cloud or similar for your resources on this excellent blog since you indicate that it is your substitute repository. This means that I would have to guess what the search term you are using - but with a tag cloud I would have a better understanding of you personal taxonomy choices. I am a passionate user of delicious, and can't imagine keeping track of information without it - and a blog would never keep enough information together for me. I wonder what other variations on information organisation web-savvy librarians prefer?

Sheila Webber said...

I must admit that I have delayed in transferring to the "new Blogger" format (now rather old) because I have a sort of superstitious fear that all my 1000+ postings will disappear when I upgrade the template - until I do that displaying tags is more difficult.

The list will also reveal how poorly I use them - some I remember to use regularly, others I don't, and there are still some concepts I haven't tagged - the most obvious being "UK" for UK items, although not all the items are about the UK by any means (and I DO tag "information literacy").

Tag clouds - I suppose I am not being user-centric enough in that I don't really find THEM that useful either - it depends on how good the tagging was in the first place, though I suppose it does show what words or phrases *I thought* were relevant.

Similarly, I don't use other people's delicious that much - seems rather a lot of information overload, when I do peek at it, so I prefer to get the more filtered feeds from blogs (rather than delicious feeds). I'm collaborating on a delicious set relating to libraries/information and Second Life at the moment, so I will have to see whether I want to keep on with that - since my SL blog is not focused at all on information links, and so there I use Favourites on my browser.
I wouldn't really want to point my students at a big delicious set of links, since feedback indicates that they want some filtering - some guidance of where to start and not a daunting list. At the same time, I also want them to discover things for themselves.
Thanks for the comment! Interesting!
Will probably prompt me to take some steps about revealing the tagging a bit more here, but I can't see me becoming a social bookmarking habituee suddenly.