Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Librarian's guide to gaming

On Monday the American Library Association launched the Librarian’s Guide to Gaming: An Online Toolkit for Building Gaming @ your library . "The toolkit includes a wide range of resources to help librarians create, fund and evaluate gaming experiences in the library." It refers to traditional games, board games, and not just computer ones. "Games of every type play an important role in developing fundamental competencies for life,” said ALA President Jim Rettig. “They require players to learn and follow complex sets of rules, make strategic and tactical decisions, and, collaborate with teammates and others, –all things they will have to do in college and in the workforce." There is an FAQ, resources, examples etc. The home page is at http://librarygamingtoolkit.org/ and there is a section about the connection between gaming and literacy at http://librarygamingtoolkit.org/literacy.html
Photo by Sheila Webber: Not sure if it's authorised, Sheffield University, February 2009.

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