Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice has published another issue (volume 4, no. 2, 2009). This issue features "school libraries and their connection to evidence based practice." The articles are:
Weaving Evidence, Reflection, and Action into the Fabric of School Librarianship (Carol A. Gordon, Ross J. Todd); Creation of a Research Community in a K-12 School System Using Action Research and Evidence Based Practice (Susan D. Ballard, Gail March, Jean K. Sand); School Library Media Specialist Collaboration with Special Education Personnel in Support of Student Learning (Lesley S. J. Farmer); An Emerging Theory for Evidence Based Information Literacy Instruction in School Libraries, Part 1: Building a Foundation (Carol A. Gordon); School Librarianship and Evidence Based Practice: Progress, Perspectives, and Challenges (Ross J. Todd); Librarian-Teacher Partnerships for Inquiry Learning: Measures of Effectiveness for a Practice-Based Model of Professional Development (Joyce Yukawa, Violet H. Harada ). There are also evidence summaries.

The editorial also cites: Todd, R. (2008) "The Evidence-Based Manifesto." School Library Journal, 54 (4), 38-43.

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Photo by Sheila Webber: Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2009

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