Friday, January 14, 2011

Esther Grassian presentation in Second Life 19 January

Dream a Little Dream of US... United for Success! A presentation from Esther Grassian (Alexandria Knight in Second Life, shown right in this picture, chairing a session in SL) in SL It is at 12 noon SL time, which is the same as US Pacific time, and is 8pm UK time (for times elsewhere see on Infolit iSchool, Second Life,
You need the SL browser on your computer and a SL avatar, to participate. No registration required, just come along if you are interested!

Esther Grassian is very well known in the information literacy field, and is the
author of numerous publications, including Information Literacy Instruction: Theory and Practice (ACRL Instruction Section, Publication of the Year 2004)

Description: "Are you feeling off-balance? Overworked and underfunded? How can you keep up with all of your responsibilities, not to mention new technologies, apps, mobile environments, and social networking, when email alone takes up hours of time, while budgets, staff and open hours are cut, and class sizes keep getting bigger? How can you tell if what you are doing is effective when you have no time for reflection, and no time to develop assessment instruments, analyze the results, and make revisions? Collaborative partnerships, small and large, could help! Get insight into your institution's current partnership level, as well as ideas for expanding existing partnerships or developing new ones within and beyond your institution. Learn about big and little dreams of partners and partnerships, and how you can jump in to make it happen."

Esther's presentation will be in voice, with discussion in text chat.
Part of the Centre for Information Literacy Research series on Infolit iSchool, home of Sheffield University's iSchool in Second Life

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