Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Critical Thinking Approach for Information Education

A new article from Najia Abdallaoui Maan, Professeur de l' Enseignement Supérieur, Ecole des Sciences de l'Information (ESI), Rabat, Morocco. After an initial reflection on information literacy, she talks more about the importance of critical thinking, and also discusses the need to integrate the approach into institutional strategy (something that obviously I and Bill Johnston have been advocating) and discusses the situation in Morocco.
Maan, N. A. (2011) "A Critical Thinking Approach for Information Education" IFLA SET Bulletin, 12(2), 6-11.
This is in the whole online issue:
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Dr. Worden said...

Critical thinking as the criterion of education: I think this assumption is deeply flawed, as it privileges a type of thinking because it is useful. Perhaps you could argue that info tech is itself practical so no harm done. However, what could theory proffer, for example, which requires thinking beyond decision-making? For more on this, pls turn to my essay at