Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Internet Librarian x 2

The Internet Librarian International conference (in the UK) and Internet Librarian 2011 (in the USA) are both in October.

Internet Librarian International 2011 is 27-8 October, with workshops on 26 October, in London, UK. Website: http://www.internet-librarian.com/2011/ As well as sessions from information gurus Karen Blakeman and Phil Bradley, information-literacy relevant sessions include:
- Teaching Others (Michael Stephens, San Jose State University & Tame the Web) He "presents an overview of emerging literacies related to digital media, information exchange and education. The phrase "information literacy" has expanded well beyond its original meaning and now encompasses a wide range of media with which information professionals should be familiar and able to explain and teach to others."
- Teaching Information Skills (Jenny Evans, Imperial College London; Ruth Harrison, Imperial College London; Andy Tattersall, ScHARR University of Sheffield; Karen Marie Øvern, Gjøvik University College) They are talking about the Learning 2.0 & Research 2.0 programmes at Imperial; Bite Size technology sessions at ScHARR & "new methods of performing and assessing information literacy courses" at Gjovik.

In the USA, Internet Librarian 2011 runs 17-19 October 17—19, in Monterey, California, USA. Website at http://www.infotoday.com/il2011/ This includes a keynote Information & Learning for the Future from John Seely Brown, sessions from information/search gurus Greg Notess, Gary Price, and Mary Ellen Bates, and the following:
- Training Is Not Learning? (Kate Sheehan; Bobbi L. Newman; Polly-Alida Farrington;
Emily Clasper) "Library “trainers” Newman, Farrington, and Sheehan discuss the need for cultural change in libraries while sharing their own successes and not-so successes. Clasper describes the training program designed to keep the county libraries’ staff current with the technology they use every day."
- From Training to Learning: Strategic Community Conversations (Nancy MacKenzie and Lisa Hardy, Calgary Public Library) "Calgary Public Library is supporting librarians to self-identify their personal learning requirements, develop individual learning plans, and ultimately enhance the organizational ability to be highly visible and active participants in the work of our communities."
- Transliteracy & 21st-Century Skills for Library Users (Bobbi L. Newman; Jamie Hollier; Matthew Hamilton; Jennifer Koerber) "Newman, Hollier and Hamilton cover the importance of transliteracy and libraries’ role in supporting patrons’ development of these skills. Koerber looks at BPL’s Learning for Life Online, a free, ongoing online learning community platform that helps users develop a framework for a lifetime of learning and exploration."
- Blackboard Learn: Partnering to Integrate Resources (Anita Riley and Christina H. Gola,University of Houston Libraries) "This presentation discusses the conversations and partnerships between the library and campus instructional designers, lessons learned from being on the Blackboard implementation team, the technical aspects of how UH libraries streamlined the delivery of content, and the future implications for the library team that will manage the content.
- Instruction Goes Viral With Videos (Alison Steinberg, San Diego Mesa College; Amy Thornley, Miami University) "Both of these libraries learned valuable lessons about using video for teaching and tutorials."

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