Friday, May 17, 2013

Infolit journal club: TeachMeets: discussion on 21st May #ilread

The next online blog-comments journal club will be on 8pm UK time (see here for times elsewhere in the world) on Tuesday 21 May. It will take place on the Infolit Journsal Club blog, as a discussion in blog comments.

The topic will be TeachMeets - originating in the schools sector, a TeachMeet is an ‘unconference’, organised by teachers for teachers. The TeachMeet has been adapted into the LibTeachMeet, with the first Library TeachMeet taking place in Cambridge in 2010.

The following article gives the background and provides the starting point for discussion:
Tumelty, N., Kuhn, I., and Birkwood, K. (2012). TeachMeet: Librarians, learning from each other. In P. Godwin and J. Parker (Eds.), Information,Literacy Beyond Library 2.0 (pp. 191-201). London: Facet Publishing.

More information at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Dandelion clocks, Lund, May 2013

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