Monday, May 13, 2013

New articles: Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning

There is a new issue of the open access journal Library and Information Research,(volume 37, no 114) focusing on Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning. It includes:
- Information literacy in adult returners to Higher Education: student experiences in a university pre-entry course in a UK university by Tony Anderson, Bill Johnston, Alexandra McDonald
- The learning continuum: economical best practices for implementing and achieving a community’s information literacy goals by Shiva Darbandi, Carolyn Waite, Rose Medlock
- Welsh Information Literacy Project by Andrew Eynon
- Dundee College’s Literacy Information Skills Project by Abigail Gourlay Mawhirt
- BILI: Building Information Literacy in Ireland by Amy Connolly, Lorraine Curran, Áine Lynch, Sile O’Shea
- What information competencies matter in today’s workplace? by Alison J. Head, Michele Van Hoeck, Jordan Eschler, Sean Fullerton
- iKnow: Information skills in the 21st Century workplace by Katharine Reedy, Elizabeth Mallett, Natasha Soma
Photo by Sheila Webber: Copper beech, Lund University, May 2013

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