Thursday, July 24, 2014

College and Research Libraries: student success; social media use; one-box

The last 2 issues of the open-access College and research libraries include:
- Cook, J.M (2014). A Library Credit Course and Student Success Rates: A Longitudinal Study. College and research libraries, 75(3), 272-283. ("The University of West Georgia’s Ingram Library has offered a fifteen-week two-hour credit course since 1998. In a longitudinal study covering twelve years, the library analyzed the progression and graduation rates of over fifteen thousand students. Students who took the class during their undergraduate career were found to graduate at much higher rates than students who never took the class.")
- Gibson, C. and Jacobson, T. (2014). Informing and Extending the Draft ACRL Information Literacy Framework for Higher Education: An Overview and Avenues for Research. College and research libraries, 75(3), 250-254.
- Kim, K., Sin, S. and Yoo-Lee, E. (2014). Undergraduates’ Use of Social Media as Information Sources. College and research libraries, 75(4), 442-457.
- Kulp, C., McCain, C. and Scrivener, L. (2014). Teaching Outside the Box: ARL Librarians’ Integration of the “One-Box” into Student Instruction. College and research libraries, 75(3), 298-308. ("One-box" means Google-like search tools that present the searcher with just one box into which the search is typed).
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