Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Latest articles in Reference Services Review; game, research paper, flow, journalism techniques, bibliographies

The articles in the latest issue of Reference Services Review (Volume 43 Issue 4, priced publication) include:
- Library instruction and information literacy 2014 by Robert Detmering , Anna Marie Johnson , Claudene Sproles , Samantha McClellan , Rosalinda Hernandez Linares (pp. 533 - 642) - this is the invaluable annual annotated review of the literature, particularly North American
- Modifying an information literacy game for outreach events by Lisa Martin , Will Martin (pp. 643 - 655)
- Writing a research paper: students explain their process by Eleonora Dubicki (pp. 673 - 688)
- Can research “send me high?” Addressing flow theory by Sandy L Hudock (pp. 689 - 705)
- Case studies and pervasive instruction: Using journalism education techniques in the information literacy classroom by Jennifer Noe (pp. 706 - 721).
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I will also add another item I came across (open access)
- Sanders, E. and Balius, A. (2015). Experiential Learning and Academic Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography. Codex: the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL, 3 ( 3), 49-74.
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