Thursday, June 23, 2016

Google-map of information literacy pages on university websites

Thanks to Alejandro Uribe-Tirado for alerting me to the fact that the linked Google-map of Information literacy in university libraries in South America and the rest of the world (it is particularly strong in identifying Hispanic websites) is up to date (with 600 links) and can be found here: (actually there are a few libraries which are not in universities, but most of them are).

A paper which does some analysis of the Ibero-American information is:
Uribe-Tirado, A. and Pinto, M. (2013). La incorporación de la alfabetización informacional en las bibliotecas universitarias iberoamericanas. Análisis comparativo a partir de la información de sus sitios web. [Integration of information literacy in South American university libraries: comparative analysis based on information on their websites]. Anales de Documentación, 16(2), 1-10. [In Spanish] English abstract "This article seeks to identify from the information provided by the websites of university libraries in the 22 Ibero-American countries, the possible levels of integration since these libraries are doing for training in information literacy. The results identify that a total of 2136 Ibero-American university libraries; only 171 have information literacy training programs (6.2%). The paper evidences that from the Ibero-American context, information literacy is not yet the full extent you would expect and it is necessary. However, increasingly, there are prestigious universities who are taking on the challenge of this training and therefore, by working collaborative, benchmarking and sharing strategies and learning objects will be a guide for most Ibero-American universities develops this training."

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