Monday, August 22, 2016

Hip Hop Information Literacy

Through an article:
Bonifay, E. (2016, August 17). Hip Hop Lib Guide. Bringing Information Literacy to your Fingertips. Dallas weekly.
I learnt about the Hip Hop Information Literacy Libguide at
"The online resource seeks to reach students from around the world and succeeds in communicating and informing them in a context that is familiar, complex and captivating." It says on the LiGuide that "Hip Hop Information Literacy is comprised of a group of knowledge practices that are necessary for students in an academic setting to be cognizant of how to find, retrieve, evaluate, apply, and acknowledge cultural, visual, and data literacy information in the digital age." It draws on the ACRL IL Framework
My superficial impression is that it has information about hip hop and also uses hip hop for examples e.g. for data literacy, but that it also aims to educate in information literacy generally.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Rudbeckia, Gothenburg Botanic Gardens, August 2016

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kYmberly Keeton said...

Thanks for checking out the Hip Hop LibGuide and spreading the word!

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