Wednesday, August 08, 2018

What does Facebook know about you? short online course

There is a short free online course led by Simon Knight and Kirsty Kitto, University of Technology (UTS), Sydney: What does Facebook know about you? It says you will: Find out what data Facebook has about you, with hands-on exercise and tools; Learn what your data says about you, and how that can be used to influence you; Gain practical insight into issues of privacy and data ethics; and (the promotional bit!) Gain a taster of how we work in the UTS Master of Data and Science Innovation.
I didn't work through it all, but enough to see that it has short videos and quizzes/ surveys and links and guidance on tools you can use to discover more about your online footprint/shadow. They don't require much information about you when you sign up, so it is something you could also incorporate into teaching. Go to - embedded below is the teaser video.

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