Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Transition to university; information literacy skills through gamification and peer-learning. #lilac19

Sharon Perera and Andrew Sinclair presented on a moodle based resource “independent learners toolkit” that was developed to support students, and particularly BAME students, transition to university at Greenwich University. The resource features engaging interactive games to build awareness of university life, viewing the university as a socio cultural system of practices (Lloyd 2013) that attempts to bring out the tacit ways of knowing. The resource can be used with groups of learners to facilitate discussion of the issues they are all facing, and make it obvious that  everyone is in the same situation. They carried out an evaluation of the resource and gave a pre and post intervention questionnaire,which revealed that students became more confident about their knowledge of the skills they thought they needed at university. Students found it helpful, they liked the self discovery aspect, and thought it taught the things they were expected to already know, but didn’t. The resource is available for free use on the Greenwich University website.

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