Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New articles: Digital stewardship; Information behaviour; Wikipedia assignments; #DataLiteracy ; IL and WeChat

Volume 46 issue 1 (2019) of the priced Journal of Academic Librarianship includes the following articles:
- Integrating digital stewardship into library instruction: An argument for student (and librarian) success by Elizabeth Blackwood
- Almost in the Wild: Student Search Behaviors When Librarians Aren't Looking by Sarah P.C. Dahlen, Heather Haeger, Kathlene Hanson, Melissa Montellano
- A perspective on Wikipedia: Approaches for educational use by Laurie M. Bridges, Meghan L. Dowell
- A Different Ball Game: Physical Education Students' Experiences in Librarian-led Wikipedia Assignments by Emily S. Kingsland, Marcela Y. Isuster
- Shaping scholarly communication guidance channels to meet the research needs and skills of doctoral students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology by Esther White, Lizette King
- The effects of subtitles and captions on an interactive information literacy tutorial for English majors at a Turkish university by Leanna Fry Balci, Peter J. Rich, Brian Roberts
- Examining authority and reclaiming expertise by Laura Saunders, John Budd
- Exploring data literacy via a librarian-faculty learning community: A case study by Theresa Burress, Emily Mann, Tina Neville
- Information literacy education in WeChat environment at academic libraries in China by Jinchi Guo, Jie Huang and
- The repository, the researcher, and the REF: “It's just compliance, compliance, compliance” by Carolyn Ten Holter (an article based on her dissertation research here at Sheffield University iSchool!)
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