Thursday, August 13, 2020

Free MOOC: Learning to Learn Online

A interesting MOOC, aimed at students Learning to Learn Online is free and open to all. It runs for 5 weeks August 10 to September 13 2020, and you need to register before the 13th (I think you still have access to the content after that). The course is offered by Canadian organisations Athabasca University (which has great experience in distance learning) and Contact North/Contact Nord. "It is intended for students who are learning online for the first time or want to improve their approach to online learning. LTLO is also open to teachers or educational professionals who want to support their students in learning online." I do think it is useful to teachers in reminding you about things learners need to understand and learn in order to be effective online learners (I haven't followed it all, but I dipped into the content for the 5 weeks, which is already there). The modules within it are:
Module 1 - What is learning? What kind of a learner are you?
Module 2 - What can I expect in the online learning environment?
Module 3 - Becoming an online learner
Module 4 - What do successful online learners do?
Module 5 - Putting it all together: Your personal strategy for success in online learning
Register at It works better in Chrome than in Firefox. They say "Workload 5 hours per week" and "If you pass all five quizzes, you will qualify for a Certificate of Completion; there is no charge for certificates."

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