Monday, October 11, 2021

Call for proposals: California Conference on Library Instruction

There is a call for proposals for the California Conference on Library Instruction, taking place online on 13 May 2022. The deadline for proposals is 12 November 2021. The theme is Engaging in Speculative Pedagogy: Reimagining Library Futures with Creative Foresight. "CCLI invites presenters to share the ways their instruction work imagined or adapted something new in their setting and/or the ways their current work explores and contains the groundwork for a future vision. The push by some librarians to resist dominant structures and policies by imagining something different has opened the door to new possibilities. The possibilities latent in library work, in openness and universal access, require that librarians change, demolish and build. Emerging instruction pedagogies and practices based on these possibilities are humanizing librarians and our users, as well as creating visibility through greater representation. Possibilities for deconstruction of the dominant paradigm arise from librarians seeking out nontraditional publication formats and challenging long held conventions and practices (e.g., controlled vocabularies) that no longer hold up. When librarians see students’ realities, we are catalyzed toward not only radical creation of new programs, policies, collections, and spaces; but also new approaches to instruction. Putting the traditional and safe aside — allowing ourselves to engage in the speculative — has the power to propel our imaginations and dream the impossible."
Proposals can be for: Online synchronous 60-minute presentation or panel, with active learning to engage attendees and opportunities for discussion; Online synchronous 75-minute active learning workshop ; Online synchronous 10 minute lightning talk.
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