Friday, March 17, 2023

Webinar: AI-Driven Search Engines: A Comparative Study

There is a free webinar organised by the SLA on 5 April 2023, at 6pm BST (UK time): AI-Driven Search Engines: A Comparative Study, given by longtime search expert Marydee Ojala. She will "share a preview of her talk on AI search capabilities and results, which she'll also be giving at this year's MLA | SLA 2023 Conference in Detroit [USA]. ... Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have affected the search technologies that power search engines used for general as well as scholarly research. Google and Google Scholar remain a staple for free web searching, But newer entrants, such as Neeva and Consensus, change search behaviour and influence results. This study compares the search capabilities and results among several search engines used across multiple disciplines and considers the impact of the content base used by each."
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