Monday, September 22, 2008

Copyright tool kit

Eduserv just launched an online Copyright tool kit. It includes information about copyright (with a UK focus) plus exercises to work through, testing out knowledge. It is aimed at lecturers, librarians, technicians or anyone else involved in the process (i.e. the providers of course material, rather than the learners - though it could also be useful when learners are creating resources in class or for assignmnets). So, for example, it sets up scenarios of wanting to use different kinds of material (audio, film etc) in the VLE. It is free to all to use. The website is at
The producers comment " as
Photo by Sheila Webber: Western Park, Sheffield, September 2008.

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Hazel said...

I've scrounged this (with, of course, appropriate accreditation and a big thank you) for my blog BUT I can't provide any first-hand info about it since I can't get into it. The URL you give is the one that's showing on a Google search so I assume that the site is down. Today or permanently I know not.