Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Recent articles: Collage effect; Engineering IL; International students; LibGuides; Embedded librarians

Volume 44 issue 6 of the priced Journal of Academic Librarianship includes the following articles:
- Effective Engineering Information Literacy Instruction: A Systematic Literature Review by Margaret Phillips, Amy Van Epps, Nastasha Johnson, Dave Zwicky
- How Are We the Same or Different: Information Needs and Barriers of Domestic and International Students by Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, Kyung-Sun Kim
- Lessons Learned From a Failed Research Project: An Informal Examination of LibGuide Design and Use Became a Professional Growth Opportunity by Doris Van Kampen-Breit, Renée H. Gould
- The “Collage Effect” – Against Filter Bubbles: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Combating the Pitfalls of Information Technology by Péter Kiszl, János Fodor. "Based on our experiences we believe that current and future readers can be reached through intriguing collages of credible information. The use of collages can compensate for the effects of filter bubbles, and librarians may become the masters of creating digital information collages."
- Embedded Librarianship in Research in Nigerian Universities: Practices and Sources of Practice Knowledge by Samaila Inuwa, A. Abrizah. "Six themes that emerged from the embedding practices are (a) doing research and publishing papers; (b) being editor of a national journal/reviewing manuscripts of publication; (c) managing the life cycle of data; (d) disseminating research output; (e) providing scholarly publication service and bibliometrics analysis; and (f) conducting research method course."
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