Friday, October 31, 2008

L'education à la culture informationnelle: 3

A further post on the conference, L'education à la culture informationnelle [Education for/in information culture], held in l’Université Charles de Gaulle Lille3, Lille, France October 16-18 ( In addition to the keynote, I was co-author on a research based paper. This was presented in English, but is presented on Slideshare in its French translation by Susan Kovacs.

The main presenter was Bill Johnston, and the paper was also co-authored with Stuart Boon. The presentation was made in English as Developing pedagogical conditions for information literacy: the impact of disciplinary contexts on information literacy education. The PowerPoint has been translated into French as "Développer des conditions pédagogiques pour la culture informationnelle : l’impact des contextes disciplinaires sur l’éducation à l’information". In it we describe our research into UK Civil Engineering academics' conceptions of information literacy and teaching information literacy, and we discuss the implications for learning.

The research part of the presentation is described in English in this existing ppt. Our discussions and conclusions were different, though, finishing by identifying the need for an information Literate University with “Strategic management of information literacy; Curriculum review; Re-definition of roles and activities;
Course re-design & adaptive teaching; Change through innovative projects”
Photo by Sheila Webber: Lille University library, October 2008

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