Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Libraries Promoting Twenty-First Century Literacies

There is a call from the IFLA Literacy and Reading Section and the Information Literacy Section for Papers for a programme being held at the IFLA (World Library and Information) Congress in Milan in August, 2009. The theme is Libraries Promoting Twenty-First Century Literacies, and it will explore the ways in which libraries can actively promote multiple literacies. The program will feature up to six invited papers, each focusing on a different twenty-first century literacy e.g. print, information, multicultural, visual literacy etc. The paper should say how libraries can promote that literacy, and be based on theory, research, and/or practical applications. Proposals should include a 500 word abstract and basic biographical and contact details of the speaker. Deadline is 15 November 2008, proposals to be sent to Alison Ernst (aernst@nmhschool.org or Alison.Ernst@comcast.net)with teh subject line "IFLA proposal".
Photo by Sheila Webber: Western Park bandstand.

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