Thursday, October 16, 2008

Offener Bildungsraum Hochschule

Thanks to Thomas Hapke, since I noticed on his blog information about a book which is available free online, which has numerous contributions about e-learning, including some related to information literacy (listed below). It is in German.
Hauchner, S. et al (Eds) (2008) Offener Bildungsraum Hochschule. Waxmann Verlag. ("University - open learning space" is a sort of translation of the title)

Wolf Hilzensauer et al: Neue Kompetenzen für E-Portfolio-Begleiter/innen?
Der Kurs MOSEP – More Self-Esteem with my E-ortfolio
(New competencies for e-portfolio companions?)
Martin Ebner, Mandy Schiefner, and Walther Nagler: Has the Net Generation Arrived at the University? – oder Studierende von Heute, Digital Natives?
Svenja Wichelhaus et al: Medienkompetenz und selbstorganisiertes Lernen –
Ergebnisse einer Evaluation
(Media literacy and independent ledarning: results of an evaluation.)
Claudia Bremer: Fit fürs Web 2.0? Ein Medienkompetenzzertifikat für zukünftige Lehrer/innen (Fit for Web 2.0? A media lteracy certificate for teachers)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Squashes, Greenwich, October 2008

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