Friday, November 13, 2009

Recent articles

At least recent or fairly recent.
- Shenton, A. (2009) "Information Literacy and Scholarly Investigation: a British perspective " IFLA journal, 35 (3).
(that's the complete issue, there is also an Editorial about "Reading, Information Literacy and Professional Development"
- Koltay, T. (2009) "Abstracting: information literacy on a professional level." Journal of documentation, 65 (5), 841 - 855. "It is found that verbal communication and especially analytic-synthetic writing activities play an important role in information literacy at the level of everyday language use." (We reintroduced an abstracting session for our postgraduate students a few years ago, it does encourage skills which are useful in the workplace too, i.e. being able to sum up a complex document briefly and accurately)
- Oakleaf, M. (2009) " The information literacy instruction assessment cycle: A guide for increasing student learning and improving librarian instructional skills" Journal of documentation, 63 (4) 539-560.
- Lloyd, A. (2009) "Informing practice: information experiences of ambulance officers in training and on-road practice." Journal of documentation, 65 (3), 396 - 419
- Cullen, R et al. (2009) "The impact of information literacy training of clinicians entering the workforce" In: Positioning the Profession: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Medical Librarianship. pp1-21.

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Sandra said...

Hi, I have just published in my blog an interview with Andrew K. Shenton regarding information literacy.

Thanks for all your posts, I love your blog!