Thursday, March 10, 2016

cfp 3rd Annual LILi Conference

The 3rd Annual LILi (Lifelong Information Literacy) Conference will be held on August 8 2016 at Pierce College, Woodland Hills, California, USA. It has the title What Would it Look Like If…?

"Imagine having unlimited resources for developing information literacy and lifelong learning opportunities in your library or in partnership with others. That’s right…just imagine! Oftentimes, librarians protest that the primary obstacle to developing that great idea, program, or service is a lack of funding, staff or some other needed resource. While this is certainly a genuine concern, what if those barriers were removed and the only things required for success were a bit of ingenuity, motivation, and collaboration? The purpose of this year’s conference is to encourage librarians to explore innovative ideas, creative solutions, and imaginative applications for cultivating information literacy competencies across a lifetime. How can libraries of all types join forces to better share resources, produce engaging programming, foster skill development and support student success? Is there something you have always wanted to do, but simply didn’t have the means to make it a reality? Bring your ideas to share as there may be a future partnership just waiting to be discovered. Let’s have fun and pretend the sky is the limit!" The keynote is Dr. Lesley Farmer, Librarianship Program & Department Chair of Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling at CSU, Long Beach.

Proposals are solicited for 20 or 10 minute presentations. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2016. There is more conference info here the proposal form is here and there is more information on LILi here

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