Thursday, April 05, 2018

#lilac18 workshop: Developing Your Teaching Philosophy

Sheila Corral from university of Pittsburgh and Amanda Folk from Ohio State University library led a workshop on how to develop a teaching philosophy which aims to capture and communicate your beliefs about teaching and learning, how learning occurs and how a teacher can facilitate learning, your assumptions about the value and purpose of education, your relationships with students, and how you interact with your learners, and the methods of assessments you use.  These philosophies of teaching are often requested in the US by librarian job advertisements and promotion cases. they are often developed through individual reflectiion or in discussions with peers, and can be used to develop a teaching philosophy for a whole library. Usually they are 1-2 pages long, around 1000 words and should explain the context of your work and personal examples of how the philosophy has been applied.

We started by trying to articulate the people or sources that had influenced our teaching, and how this has affected the style of teaching we use. Sheila mentioned CILASS, my previous department, as one of the influences on her teaching. We discussed our beliefs about teaching and learning, and the goals and objectives we would have for our learners. We moved on to articulating our styles of teaching or facilitating , and how we like to interact with our students. Finally we articulated our practices to support and assess learning.

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