Friday, March 22, 2019

Media and Information Literacy for Informed Citizens in the Digital Age recording and links #EUmedialiteracyweek #infolit

Today I and colleagues in the Information School, University of Sheffield, UK, gave a webinar on Media and Information Literacy for Informed Citizens in the Digital Age.

I started by mentioning the MIL concept and UNESCO's MIL CLICKS initiative, and then gave a brief impression of the key themes of the conference - and also what it didn't cover. Then my colleagues filled one of the gaps - looking beyond media to information in other parts of people's lives - by talking briefly about the value of MIL and their own research. Dr Pam McKinney talked about MIL in the context of health and wellbeing and monitoring it with apps, Dr Laura Sbaffi talked about the issue of trusting information, and Dr Sophie Rutter talked about her research with children and how they engaged with ambient information - information they came across that was e.g. giving advice of handwashing. After this we addressed the question of how library and information professionals are valuable in supporting citizens' MIL in all types of library and information context (public libraries, school/university libraries and workplace contexts, including health libraries).
The webinar is just 30 minutes and there is a recording here: (at the moment this is the Adobe Connect recording which needs Flash to play - when I have converted it into MP4 format and uploaded it to a video platform, I will replace that link - this will be next week sometime). The slides I used are embedded below. These are links I mention in the slides

Useful links for EU Media Literacy Week

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