Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Alert to information consultants/experts - World Health Organization training in infodemic management

There is a call for applicants for World Health Organization training in infodemic management. The deadline for submissions is 18 October 2020 and the training takes place during 3-27 November 2020. They say they "invite applications from experienced professionals from the fields of epidemiology, risk communication, health service delivery/health care workers, digital health, policy making (in health and intersectoral), who are responding to the current COVID-19 and overlapping infodemics at country level." 

In other words - they don't mention any information professionals, however, looking at the scenarios you have you to address to apply for the training, certainly there would be people with an information background who ought to qualify. The other statement about suitability says "Applications are open to freelance consultants, national health authority staff and United Nations staff who meet the selection criteria to constitute the cohort of trained infodemic managers that support response in countries." (see aso the video below)

The aims of the training are "Build a curriculum and apply it in delivering a training of the 1st cohort of cross-disciplinary infodemic managers that can be deployed to the field for infodemic response; Build up the skills of health authority staff in infodemic management; Offer opportunity for UN staff to learn about infodemic management; Become the basis for creating future infodemic training facility training modules." 

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