Thursday, October 15, 2020

Libraries Today: Services, Safety and Novelty

A free online event from the online Frankfurt Book Fair (one of the major book fairs of the world) on 16th October at 1.30-2.30pm CEST (which is, e.g., 12.30-1.30 UK time): Libraries Today: Services, Safety and Novelty. Its argument (libraries providde great online services too!) is not exactly novel, but it could be worth librarians participating to reinforce the point. "The reality of the worldwide virus threat has challenged academic libraries to respond with service delivery that encompasses attention to safety protocols and novel delivery methods. This session represents a view of academic libraries worldwide and the services they are rendering to faculty and students under a variety of conditions, including in person, remote, and hybrid learning environments. While the pandemic situation is temporary, the lessons learned from it and skills attained because of it, will likely have a lasting legacy for academic librarians. Two of our experienced members of the scholarly community will review what has happened to academic libraries and how they have acted to stay relevant and central to their academic missions." It is run by two people from Springer. To register go to

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