Monday, October 19, 2020

Webinar 28 October: Information Literacy in the United Kingdom: past and future #globalMILweek #MILCLICKS

My iSchool colleague Pam McKinney and I are partcipating in two free webinars which we have helped to organise, as part of our celebration of Unesco’s Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week. Global MIL Week is an annual event to celebrate and promote MIL worldwide, and this year it is (unsurprisinglyly) virtual. The first webinar is an expert panel on Wednesday 28 October at 11am UK time (which is, e.g., 7am US Eastern time - sorry!), entitled Information Literacy in the United Kingdom: past and future and chaired by me. 

The other panellists are: Annemaree Lloyd, Alison Hicks and Charlie Inskip from University College London, Bill Johnston from University of Strathclyde, Drew Whitworth from Manchester Institute of Education and Geoff Walton from Manchester Metropolitan University. I will be posing the questions: (1) What has been the UK narrative about Information Literacy? and (2) What will be the UK narrative about Information Literacy? We will draw on our varied experiences, inside and outside the UK, to reflect on how Information Literacy has (and hasn't) developed, and where it should go in the future. 

The one-hour event is on Zoom. To register, go to The event is a collaboration as members of FOIL: the Forum on Information Literacy. This is a new national network of information literacy researchers in the UK. We aim to discuss and challenge ideas, and engage in critical reflection and enquiry about the practices of information literacy. 

I will draw attention to a 2017 issue of the Journal of Information Literacy where some of the panel (me, Bill, Annemaree, Geoff) discussed issues to do with information literacy. I will blog about the 2nd webinar tomorrow!

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