Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mind the five

An interesting initiative to protect the data privacy of the vulnerable is Mind the Five. It lays out five principles that should be learned and understood by those dealing with vulnerable people, notably migrants "it is easy to overlook the additional vulnerabilities and unintended risks that the careless collection, storage, and use of personal information about migrants can cause. The use of information and communication technologies also involves data- and privacy-related risks, as electronic data can be subject to security breakages, leaks, hacks, inadvertent disclosure, and disclosure through legal processes ..." The 5 principles are:
"1. Exercise prudence. Limit the collection of personal information; include only information that is necessary.
"2. Protect and secure information from and about migrants. Pay attention to mitigating risks from both technological and human factors.
"3. Provide training. Ensure that volunteers and staff are aware and trained regarding privacy- and security-related protocols. Empower migrants to be more privacy aware.
"4. Share-alike. Work with collaborators and partners to improve privacy and security practices, based on ongoing evaluation and refinement.
"5. Practice non-discrimination. Provide humanitarian services to everybody, including those who prefer not to share their personal information."
There are materials (flyer, poster, leaflet and card game) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial license. Go to

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