Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Recent articles: disinformation, infodemics and COVID19; reporters' information practices; information encountering

First a few from the priced publication Online Information Review:
(Early online publication) Information sources, practices and barriers: a situated and context-bound model of Pakistani electronic media reporters by Tauseef Hussain, Syeda Hina Batool, Amara Malik, Syed Waqas Hussain, Khalid Mahmood
(Early online publication) A cross-national diagnosis of infodemics: comparing the topical and temporal features of misinformation around COVID-19 in China, India, the US, Germany and France by Jing Zeng, Chung-hong Chan
In the most recent "published" issue Online Information Review, Volume 45 Issue 1
- Research information encountering and keeping behaviour of post-graduate students of social sciences in an online environment by Waqar Ahmad Awan, Kanwal Ameen, Saira Hanif Soroya
- User motivation in fake news sharing during the COVID-19 pandemic: an application of the uses and gratification theory by Oberiri Destiny Apuke, Bahiyah Omar

In the open access journal Indonesian Journal of Science and Technology (vol. 5 issue 2): Students’ Intention to Share Information Via Social Media: A Case Study of Covid-19 Pandemic by Suhaizal Hashim, Alias Masek, Nurhanim Saadah Abdullah, Aini Nazura Paimin, Wan Hanim Nadrah Wan Muda

Photo by Sheila Webber: broom in flower, February 2021

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