Thursday, February 18, 2021

Students' information literacy; Escape room for infolit

Recently published is the French language priced journal Documentation et bibliothèques, Volume 66, Number 3 (2020) which has a couple of interesting articles if you read French and have access:
- Portrait des compétences informationnelles des étudiants du réseau de l’Université du Québec - Résultats d’enquête [An Overview of the Information Literacy profile of the Université du Québec system students - Survey results] by Michel Courcelles, Dominique Papin, Catherine Séguin, Félix Langevin Harnois and Eve-Lyne Rondeau ("Three quarters of the questions were successfully answered by less than 50% of respondents. Overall, the respondents use strategies that engage their information literacy skills. However, they would benefit from using more precise and effective strategies, which seem unknown or poorly contained.") (
- Un jeu d’évasion pour développer les compétences informationnelles [An Escape Room to Develop Information Literacy Skills] by Mylène Pinard ("Eighty (80) McGill University students tested an escape room game created specifically to cater to their needs. The game design, as well as the obtained results, are described in this article, which explains how an escape room can benefit replacing a more traditional information literacy training to develop the [information literacy] skills of users.")
The abstracts (free) and articles (priced) are at
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