Saturday, September 11, 2021

New articles: COVID information seeking; Telecentre initiatives; Machine translation literacy; Assistive technology; Inclusions strategies

The latest issue of open-access The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI) (volume 5 no. 3)includes:
- Sources of COVID-19 Information Seeking and their Associations with Self-Perceived Mental Health among Canadians by Yanli Li
- Minding the Design Reality Gap: An Empirical Evaluation of Telecentre Initiatives in Rural Ghana by Daniel Azerikatoa Ayoung, Pamela Abbott
- Promoting Linguistic Diversity and Inclusion: Incorporating Machine Translation Literacy into Information Literacy Instruction for Undergraduate Students by Lynne Bowker
- Assistive Technology in Education: Conceptions of a Socio-technical Design Challenge by Vanesa Ayon, Andrew Dillon
- Digital Equity & Inclusion Strategies for Libraries: Promoting Student Success for All Learners by Jacqueline Frank, Meghan Salsbury, Hannah McKelvey, Rachelle McLain
- Learning from Pandemic Mode to Create a Sustainable Digital Future: Using a Tripartite Model of Information Access and Digital Inclusion with a Richland Library Case Study by Kim M. Thompson, Amanda Reed
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Photo by Sheila Webber: autumn rose, September 2021

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