Friday, September 10, 2021

Recent articles: IL education in the pandemic; Librarians as faculty; Question formulation; First year perceptions of libraries

I continue catching up with issues of the Journal of Academic Librarianship (a priced publication), this time Volume 47 issue 4 (July 2021) which includes the following:
- Question formulation for information literacy: Theory and practice by Davida Scharf & Joanne Dera "We introduce the idea that question formulation is critical to information literacy, and should be explicitly taught and studied to improve instruction. We investigate existing theoretical frameworks about question formulation and highlight the few practical studies and resources. We articulate a QF-IL Research Model, identify research gaps, and propose a research agenda for academic librarians."
- Information literacy education during the pandemic: The cases of academic libraries in Chinese top universities by Jinchi Guo, Jie Huang
- A perspective on librarians as unexpected teaching faculty: The imperative of clear policy by Sharon Holderman (this relates to the North American context, where there is academic tenure, and academic librarians can become tenured).
- Similarly different: Finding the nuances in first year students' library perceptions by Sarah LeMire, Stephanie J. Graves, Sarah Bankston, Jennifer Wilhelm Photo by Sheila Webber: friend's cat, September 2021

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