Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Short online courses: Retention; Active Learning Strategies

Forthcoming Library Juice Academy short online courses include:
- Student Retention in Higher Education: From Research and Instruction, to Covid Challenges and Beyond, led by Debra Lucas runs from 3-30 January 2022, at a cost of US $200.00. "In this class we discuss the difference a librarian makes as teacher of information literacy in mentoring and supporting students from first year to graduation"
- Active Learning Strategies, led by Mimi O'Malley runs from 3-30 January 2022, at a cost of US $200.00. It "This course will explore active learning strategies for both in-class and online courses and instruction. Cooperative, collaborative, problem-based, and project-based learning will be explored"
Photo by Sheila Webber: iceplant, September 2021

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